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Emerging Leaders


Within our community, 83 individuals under 40 years-old stand out. They stand out because through their philanthropy, they exhibit their dedication to community and leadership. We call them Emerging Leaders, and they choose to LIVE UNITED year-round through their annual gift of at least $365.

Beyond their financial contributions, Emerging Leaders dedicate their time to improving our community. By participating in one of United Way’s Affinity Groups, these individuals are doing their part to help bridge the gaps in health, education, and financial stability throughout Escambia County.

Emerging Leaders is a program that benefits both the participant and our community. These young leaders are exposed to a large network of industry professionals, leadership development opportunities, and community connections. Their gifts, even $1 a day, can positively impact the lives of individuals throughout our community.

“This program is an outlet that leads its members to countless professional development opportunities, all while making a substantial difference in the community,” said Chandler McLane, United Way of Escambia County’s Development Manager.

McLane serves as the staff liaison for Emerging Leaders, and is working to grow the program by integrating engaging content and social components into the various events they host throughout the year.

“This isn’t exclusively about networking or volunteering our time and money,” McLane stated, “we also have fun.”

Partee for a Purpose is one of the upcoming events that the Emerging Leaders have been planning. “I believe that this event will show business leaders in the area how impactful our program is, and in return, these business owners and executives will encourage their employees to join this amazing program," McLane said.

By becoming an Emerging Leader, you become part of the United Way network. You will be able to see first-hand the issues our community faces, and work more closely with the agencies that fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Escambia County. If you are interested in joining Emerging Leaders, or wish to learn more, contact Chandler McLane at chandler@uwwf.org, or by calling (850)434-3157.