Battle of the Barristers

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Join us for the Battle of the Barristers on May 22. 2024!

Our quiz master will test your knowledge and know-how with fun and unique trivia questions during this fundraiser for United Way of West Florida. Team up with your coworkers to take on your fellow legal eagles and take home the trophy!


Get the best minds together from your law firm to create a team of 4 people. (Smaller firms can team up together to get 4 players)

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $600 per team. Payment must be received before the event date to participate. Team entry includes food and 1 drink from the bar.

Register at, if you need to make a payment through check or cash, please get in touch with our Individual Donor Manager, Nikki Fisher at


Gain exposure to a wide audience of legal professionals and community members while demonstrating your commitment to supporting charitable causes. Sign up to sponsor Battle of the Barristers.

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May 22, 2024
Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Trivia starts at 5:30 pm.


Seville Quarter | 130 E Government St


The winning team will receive the coveted traveling trophy and, of course, bragging rights. We know those are priceless! Prizes will also be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place.

The Most Spirited Team will also receive a certificate or recognition.

*Trivia contest produced and operated by:

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Please note: Cameras will be in use at this event. By purchasing a ticket(s) you understand you may be photographed or recorded and these images could be used in pictures/videos used by UWWF for promotion and/or social media.

Rules and Sanctions

Rules from our Trivia Master

  1. I will ask 16 questions, four questions in four different categories. The first questions in each category will be pretty easy but will increase in difficulty as the category goes on.
  2. Each correct answer is worth one point. One randomly chosen question is the double-shot question of the night and is worth 2 points.
  3. For the final round, I will ask you to put five things in order. Each correct placement is worth 1 point.
  4. Each team will have around 3 minutes to submit their answer for each question by filling out an answer slip and bringing it to me. I will give warnings as each round closes if I have not received responses from your team.
  5. Each team will be assigned a team number after I receive their team name and must write the team number on all answer sheets.
  6. Each team is responsible for completing their own answer sheets, writing legibly, and making sure their team number is on the sheet. (Spelling does not count as long as I can tell what you were getting at).
  7. NO PHONES. I know you are all busy people, but NO ONE (NO EXCEPTIONS) is allowed to have their phones out when questions are being asked. Put them in your pocket, purse, face down on the table, or throw them outside, just don’t have them out when people are answering. Between rounds, you can feel free to use your phone if you need to.
  8. While I fact-check my answers rather thoroughly, there is a chance you may disagree with my answers. As a moderator, my answer goes (though I am fairly lenient).
  9. There will be special… incentives that are available for purchase by each team.
  10. At the end of each round after the first, I will give you updated scores for the top three teams so you can see where you are in the rankings.
  11. A team can only be "sanctioned" for Contempt one time.
  12. A team can be "sanctioned" for Probation more than once, but a different team member must be chosen each time.

Sanctions are special punishments or privileges. These sanctions will either help your team or hinder another team.

Sanctions can be purchased before or during the event. Buy your Sanctions before the event online here

Restraining Order- $25

The team you choose must put the writing instrument in their mouth to write their next guess.

Appeal - $50

Your team may submit two guesses for one question.

Gag Order - $50

The team you choose must use charades instead of talking during their next question.

Probation - $100

Choose one team member from another team. They cannot participate in answering the next question.

A team can be "sanctioned" for Probation more than once, but a different team member must be chosen each time.

Contempt - $200

You can choose one team to lose a turn. They cannot submit an answer to the next question.


An all-sanction package can be purchased at $425 and receive one of each of these sanctions for your team.



2024 winners

Autumn Beck Blackledge PLLC team: The A Team


2023 bob winners

Moorhead Law Group's team Beyond a Reasonable Stout!


2022 bob winners

Clark Partington Attorneys at Law's team Super Troopers!

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