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Born Learning Trails - Early Education Meets Recreation

Did you know that much of a child's skills, personality, and intellect are formed by the time they're five years old? This is further evidence showing just how critical early childhood education is to brain development -- which is why United Way works to transform public spaces into areas for learning with Born Learning Trails!

The Born Learning Trail, a United Way Worldwide initiative since 2005, is a series of 10 interactive signs intended to offer fun, active learning activities for young children and their families. These trails are designed to help parents, caregivers, and communities create quality opportunities for engagement, education, and recreation while out for a stroll or playing at a park.

To date, United Way of West Florida has installed four Born Learning Trails in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties with more planned. These trails are made possible through the partnership of International Paper, the Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County, the Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County, the Town of Century, the Town of Jay, and the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners. 

Born Learning Trail Locations

Escambia County

Santa Rosa County

Born Learning Trails In the Media

"United Way Born Learning Trail added to Jay park" - Studer Community Institute, July 7, 2020

"New 'Born Learning Trails' in Escambia, Santa Rosa offer lessons parents can use at home" - Pensacola News Journal, January 28, 2021

"United Way of West Florida Born Learning Trail springs to life at Floridatown Park in Pace" - Pensacola News Journal, June 3, 2021

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