Meet Amy



With the help of a United Way of West Florida Partner Agency, Amy was able to receive a hand up during a challenging time.   

Amy, 58, was out of work due to a car accident but was still managing to make ends meet. Then, everything changed.


Amy’s mother passed awayleaving Amy with her mother’s mortgage payment and her remaining medical bills. Amy tried to manage these payments, but on top of her own expenses, they proved to be more than she could handle.

Even though Amy is now back to work, she hasn’t been able to catch up financially. So, she reached out to Manna, who was able to provide Amy with five days’ worth of healthy groceries to help her get by. Additionally, after connecting with United Way of West Florida's Information and Referral hotline, 211 Northwest Florida, a trained I&R Specialist was able to identify additional resources to assist her with utility payments and address legal challenges related to her mother’s inheritance.


Now, Amy is now on the path to financial independence.  




*Names are changed, and stock photos are used to protect the privacy of clients.