Funded Partner Tools

We want it to be as easy as possible for us to partner together as we work united to strengthen our community.

Please click the tabs below for more information on each topic. If you have any questions, please email us.

This is the current United Way of West Florida logo. Please only use this logo. If you have questions or need another version, please email us.

United Way of West Florida Logo

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For the 2024 year, United Way of West Florida is using a 100th Anniversary logo to celebrate 100 years of Living United!

If you have any questions about logo use or need them in different formats, please get in touch with

Preferred Logo
Prefered Logo
UWWF 100th Logo for dark backbrounds
For use on dark backgrounds
Single Color Logo
Single Color Logo







As a recipient of funds, we ask for your assistance in acknowledging our important partnership publicly.

We are supplying you with instructions and tools to acknowledge the funding you receive, which will help show the link between United Way of West Florida and the excellent work that you do.

Where to use the credit line/logo

  • Any media or communication that recognizes other funding sources must also recognize the United Way of West Florida.
  • Printed/promotional materials relevant to the program(s) being funded, such as newsletters, press releases, and educational materials.
  • Online materials, including websites, blogs, and electronically distributed releases. The logo should link to the United Way of West Florida website,
    • If possible, include alt text of the community-funded partner with United Way of West Florida.
  • Signage: The United Way logo should be placed at all entrances to program spaces. Appropriate signage will be provided for you.

Crediting United Way of West Florida

  • The United Way of West Florida must be credited by using the United Way of West Florida logo and/or credit line.
  • The logo(s) provided to you must be produced as a unit without alteration.
  • In addition to the use of the United Way of West Florida logo, funding recipients may also use the following line of text:
    “This program is supported in part by a grant from United Way of West Florida.”

United Way of West Florida is active on the following social media platforms. Don't forget to tag us, @UWWFL, when you post something related to your funded program. You can also send your community events (no fundraisers) with us to share.

And don't forget to use our hashtag- #United4WFL

Help us tell your story and share all the good work you are doing with the community!

Stories can be powerful. Follow these best practices to make sure your story is strong.

The Essence of the Story

  • and EXPERIENCES OBSTACLES in their path

The Character

  • Relatable
  • Experiencing authentic emotion
  • Wants something (internal or external)

The Story

  • A specific moment that stands apart
  • Specific details
  • A path to success or failure
  • Has a beginning, middle, and end


  • Make sure to include how donors made a difference.
  • "Because of you..."
  • "Without you..."


Real stories, without real names or images, can still spark an emotional response and empathy in our supporters. It is possible to protect privacy and still share an impactful story. Example

Share your story!

UWWF will post your job openings on our website. Email us your position description for us to add it.

Please make sure to include an expiration date for your job post. All posts will be removed after 30 days.